With the challenge of writing 3 blog posts for #IMMOOC week five, each under 250 words, and on the eve of October 23 with a call to educators to #teachlikegord, how do I write about anything else.

Gord Downie was an innovator; He lived his life with passion and empathy. He was thoughtful and reflective which was mirrored in his intense lyrics. He critically considered the issues and stories that conflicted our great nation and shined a light. He was both a problem finder and a problem solver, never shying away from the tough conversations. The resilience and grit he has shown over the past year is admirable. There is much to be learned from Gord Downie.

The Tragically Hip have been a part of the fabric of my life since my high school days. Like for many Canadians, the band and its unparalleled music has been a constant, and always playing in the background of life. Whether it be camping trips, road trips, weddings, music festivals, concerts and just everyday life ….so many fond memories, and their music has served as a soundtrack throughout.

The passing of Gord Downie has left me feeling reminiscent this past weekend and grateful for this band that has had such a tremendous impact on so many. I will miss Gord Downie and his crazy antics on stage and his amazing ways with words. He was the ultimate lyricist and poet, honouring Canadian history and culture like no other. I am so grateful for the powerful project he took on since his diagnosis in The Secret Path, raising awareness about Residential Schools and Reconciliation. And as a brain tumour survivor myself, I am humbled by his advocacy in this area through the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research. Gord may be gone but his music will live on always, as will his legacy.

On October 23 #teachlikegord.


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