The 4 Es of Innovative Teaching and Learning?

I always appreciate the IMMOOC blog challenge of 300 words or less. For someone a bit wordy like me, it forces me in to streamline and be succinct; useful skills to practice.

This was a recent prompt during an #IMMOOC Twitter chat:

The questions reminded me of some professional learning I have facilitated with the wonderful and talented Nancy Clarke Shippam for her Clinical Services Staff and how we also framed thinking in the way of effective or efficient in regards to considering innovative practice. As we worked with our group of educators they looked at the idea of innovation in education and the work they did through the lens of “new and better” (GCouros). Knowing that something new is only worth doing if it is in fact, new AND improved and in turn makes the learning lives of our students better is always our core. Having cornerstones to consider in making that judgment is helpful

If making a change, trying something new or considering a potentially innovative practice, program or shifting pedagogy, then considering the initiative or change through these one or all of these 4 Es could be helpful:

Effectiveness -how does the innovation improve understanding, deepen thinking, enhance learning and build skills in a way that is better or improved for learners?

Efficiency- how does the innovation potentially save time, resources, or energy. How does it make connections that weren’t there before?

Engagement- how does the innovation create a learning environment that is enjoyable and supports a student’s willingness, need, desire, and interest to participate in, and be successful in the learning process?

Empowerment- how does the innovation create a learning environment that supports students owning their learning, the ability and/or agency to make decisions and implement changes related to their own learning, and/or impacting their own schools, and beyond?

As educators continue to explore innovative teaching and learning in classrooms, schools, and districts, the lens we look through will inevitably shift and change. The 4 Es above are just a few perspectives to consider. Are there others? Thoughts?


One thought on “The 4 Es of Innovative Teaching and Learning?

  1. I love this list. Your prompt at the end for thoughts/ideas made me think and I have just one more to add: Enjoyment. I feel most empowered when I have engaged adult learners and I know that I have done my job effectively when I see people enjoying their learning. Add to that, the genuine enjoyment that I experience when engaging and empowering people in their own learning and reflection feeds my soul. Thanks for the kind mention in your post. It is a sincere honour to work with such an encouraging colleague who is always willing to dive in and get messy learning together!

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