John Spencer- Creativity & Innovation through Design Thinking

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After seeing AJ Juliani present this past fall, and working with George Couros over the past few years (AJ & John’s IMPress publisher), being part of a day of professional learning with John Spencer this past week felt like a somewhat of a trifecta of sorts. How blessed our WSD educators were to learn alongside this incredibly creative, genuine and insightful educator!

Spending the day with John Spencer is truly inspiring! As he worked through each of the phases of the LAUNCH cycle, exploring the teaching, learning and considerations at each phase, his authentic classroom perspective and tremendous depth of knowledge, caring and experience around using student-driven, creation-based, empowering learning was very apparent. John is the real deal. His overall message around the importance of celebrating creativity, the necessity of student voice and the significance of empowering our learners in today’s shifting world rings true.

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Throughout the session John worked through the design thinking framework, while also exploring touching on keeping equity in mind, as well as multidisciplinary connections for design in all content areas.  Participants also had the opportunity to experience the LAUNCH cycle as a group as they invented their own sport or game.  The joy, laughter, and learning in the room was incredible.  Be sure to check out their creations in the STORIFY below.

John Spencer…thanks for an amazing and empowering day of learning!