Be Intentional

#IMMOOC Week 5- Blog Post 2

I saw this quote as of late and it stuck with me. As educators, one of the most important perspectives we can bring to our practice is one of INTENT. We need to be purposeful in all that we do. Time is precious in the learning lives of our students, so when we plan with intent we maximize our return. When we think deeply about the WHY behind what we are doing with our specific learners in mind, we are well prepared, and we are deliberate in our approach; we can make every second count.


If we are being reflective practitioners on a regular basis than considering the intent behind each of the learning experiences we set up for our students should be a driving force each and every day. How much of what we do is out of habit as opposed to strategic and intentional?

It is also essential that we share the learning intentions with our students. The WHY shouldn’t be a secret. Getting the students to really understand what their learning experience will be, why they are doing it and how their success will be measured is key.

In order to get where we are going, we need to know where we are heading.